How to Permanently Delete Your Yahoo Mail Account

In order to delete your emails; you need to follow the account termination page and then go ahead to raise a request to delete your Yahoo! Mail account. This would be really easy for you, if you have removed and disabled all other security features as Yahoo Account Key and Two-Step Verification.

The foremost step in order to delete your Yahoo! Mail account is taking the backup of your data on your account. This is really vital to do as you can’t recover any of your data after permanent deletion of your Yahoo account. So, first thing, take back up of all mails, messages, attachments and contact list from your Yahoo Mail account.

Once you are done with the backup and storing your data, then more to raise a request for deleting the account. Well, this is easy to permanently delete your account with quick guide. Simply follow the steps carefully and get your Yahoo deleted permanently.

How to permanently delete your Yahoo Mail account?

  • Your first step is to sign in to the Yahoo account termination page
  • Here, you need to read the info on terminating your account carefully, so anything you missed before that can be fixed
  • And, here click on Continue button to proceed further
  • Your final step is to confirm your identity and click on Yes, terminate this account to take it further
  • Your request to delete this Yahoo! Mail account permanently has been accepted, now wait till next 40 days to get this account delete completely

You have successfully delete your Yahoo account; here you need to understand that any successful sign in attempt to your account will resume it and then you have to raise the same request and wait for next 40 days minimum for deleting the account permanently. Well, this is for your rescue too; in case, you have deleted the account accidentally then you can reactivate with by signing in once again .

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