Roadrunner Email Server Settings

The best thing about having a Roadrunner email account is that you can send and receive professional emails seamlessly. This is one of the primary reasons why you should use the Roadrunner email address for business purposes. If you own multiple devices (computer, laptop, or smartphone), knowing the Roadrunner email server settings would help you access emails easily.

This guide talks about two key components of the Roadrunner (Spectrum) email settings – IMAP and POP. Using one of these server types you can complete adding or setting up both on third-party mail applications like Thunderbird, Outlook, etc. and various apparatus such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and computers

Roadrunner Email Server Settings to Configure Email Address on Mail Applications (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.)

Whether you want to receive and send your Roadrunner emails on Outlook or Thunderbird or any other third-party mail applications, make sure you have correct Roadrunner email server settings ready.

  • Launch your mail application and go to the section “My Account”.
  • Click on the option that says “Add Account”.
  • Press the “Email” icon.
  • You will be prompted to enter your email address and password in the respective fields and click the “Next” button. (Skip the automatically option to complete the process manually.)
  • Enter the server settings manually (check below) and complete the process by following the on-screen instructions.

Roadrunner Email IMAP Server Settings –

  • Select the IMAP server settings for Roadrunner email and enter the following details:
  • Incoming Server:
  • Incoming Mail Server Port: 143
  • Select Security Type: TLS/ SSL
  • Outgoing Server:
  • Outgoing Mail Server Port: 587
  • Security Type: None
  • Insecure Port: None
  • After entering these details, you will be prompted to enter your Roadrunner email address in the required field.
  • Uncheck Option: Secure Server
  • Uncheck Option: Verified Certificate
  • Next, enter your email address and password (Roadrunner) and press the “Next” button.
  • Provide your account name that will appear on the screen and press the “Done” option.

Roadrunner Email POP Server Settings –

  • If you want to use POP settings, here are the steps.
  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • Incoming Server Port Type: POP3
  • Incoming Server Port Number: 995
  • Security Type: None
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
  • Outgoing Server Port: 587
  • Choose Security Type: None
  • Enter your email address and password in the required fields and press the “Done” button.

That’s how you configure your Roadrunner POP Settings.

RoadRunner Email POP Server Settings for iOS Devices

For iPhone or iPad users, the POP settings are as follows:

  • Unlock your device and go to “Settings”.
  • Scroll down and choose “Mail, Contacts and Calendars”.
  • Tap the “Add Account” option and click on “Other” (If you don’t see your email service provider on the screen).
  • Make sure you have the correct login credentials (email address and password).
  • Now, configure the POP server settings and select “POP3” from the list.
  • Configure the Outgoing Email setup.
  • Tap the “Save” button and choose your email settings on the next screen.
  • Choose SMTP (the Outgoing Email Server) as the main server in mobile settings.
  • Enter the server port as 25 and press the “Done” button.
  • Now, restart your device and complete the setup process.

You can now access your Roadrunner emails on your iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices.

RoadRunner Email POP Server Settings for Android Devices

To access your Roadrunner emails on your Android devices, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Launch your mail application and enter your Roadrunner email address.
  • Tap on the button “Next”.
  • Choose “POP3” for your device and type the password.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Enter the username, password, server port, and the outgoing server.
  • You can now complete the configuration using the on-screen prompts.

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