How To Fix Error Code 550 In Yahoo Mail?

If you are seeing error code 550 in your Yahoo Mail account, it means that there is some issue with SMTP due to which your outgoing emails are not getting delivered to the recipient. When facing Error 550 or similar Error 5xx error in your Yahoo Mail account, it is suggested not to try sending email again and again until the problem is resolved as such unsuccessful attempts can defer the message delivery for your Yahoo Mail account permanently.

The message delivery for your Yahoo Mail account can be deferred permanently because of the following reasons:

  • Sending emails to an invalid email address.
  • The SMTP connection for your Yahoo Mail account was declined.
  • Your IP address is listed in the Block list of Spamhaus.
  • The email sent from your Yahoo Mail account couldn’t clear authentication checks against your sending Domain’s DKIM or Domain Keys policy.
  • The content of the email includes characteristics that are restricted by Yahoo policy.

Now, in order to fix the error 550, follow the suggestions provided below

Suggestions to Fix Error 550

1.) In order to fix the problem, you must be an administrator of the mail server.

2.) If you find that the error has been appearing for over a period of 48-hours and you have made several unsuccessful attempts to clear the error, try following the below-mentioned practices when sending email from your Yahoo Mail account.

Make sure that the List Managers have a policy for deleting email addresses that lead to errors or bounces.

You must have a good email sending reputation in order to send your email successfully. This is important because Yahoo is known for reviewing IP addresses submitted for delivery issues. On the basis of such reviews, your reputation in their system is categorized.

  • If your emails are being deferred by Yahoo, it is suggested to fill a new sender application. While this can help you clear your email sending reputation, but this doesn’t guarantee inbox delivery.
  • You may have a good email sending reputation, but it can be downgraded if users vote your email as spam.
  • Make sure to inspect your outbound queues in order to make sure that spammers are not abusing your email server.
  • Be careful when using a shared IP address as mail traffic from other domains can affect your IP sending reputation significantly.

When reviewing your outgoing email for objectionable content or practices, it is suggested to make sure of the following:

  • IP address reputation
  • Sender reputation
  • URL reputation
  • Domain reputation
  • DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) signatures.
  • Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) authentication.

Ways to Improve your Sender Reputation

Considering the above-mentioned measures should help in clearing the error code 550 when sending an email from your Yahoo Mail account.

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