How to Fix Yahoo Temporary Error 2?

If you ask Yahoo users about the most frustrating issue in Yahoo, most of them will rate Temporary errors on the top. Temporary Errors are an inevitable issue, however, they can be fixed easily with little technical know-how. While you will be able to fix most of the temporary errors get fixed on your own, for some, you may need to seek assistance from professionals.

The temporary error usually displays a code having a combination of numbers and alphabets. These error codes cause varied issues such as sign-in problems, missing menu/buttons, slow response, unstable accounts, or issues with Yahoo features and functionality. One of the most common Temporary error codes reported by users in their account is Temporary Error 2. Generally, this error prevents you from accessing Mailbox in your Yahoo Mail account.

If you are seeing Temporary error 2 in your Yahoo Mail account and wish to fix it, simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide below.

Steps to Fix Temporary Error 2 in Yahoo Mail

1.) Start by logging out of your Yahoo Mail account. Sign out from each device including a computer, laptop, phone, tablet, etc.

2.) Once you have logged out of your Yahoo Mail account on devices, clear the cache from the web browser through which you are trying to access your Yahoo Mail account.

NOTE: Make sure that you are accessing your Yahoo Mail account using a supported web browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari. Also, make sure that your web browser is updated to the latest version.

3.) Once you have cleared the cache from your web browser, simply close the browser and restart it.

4.) After restarting your web browser, go to the Yahoo Mail sign-in page and log into your account.

5.) The temporary error 2 will get cleared from your Yahoo Mail account.

So, this is how you can easily fix the Temporary 2 in your Yahoo Mail account.

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