How to Add or Remove Inbox Categories & Tabs in Gmail?

Emails in your Gmail accounts are generally arranged into different categories such as Primary, social, Updates, Promotions and Forums. These categories help you easily access all your email as per their categories. If you want to add or remove any category or tab in your Gmail account, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Add or Remove Inbox Categories & Tabs in Gmail Account

Select your inbox Style

1.) Sign into your Gmail account and go to Settings option located under Gear icon (on the left side).

2.) Under Settings, click on the Inbox tab. Under Inbox type section, click on the option Default, Important first, Unread first, Starred first, or Priority Inbox.

3.) You can also make changes to other settings like whether to show importance markers or how to filter email messages.

Add or Delete Categories in Gmail Account

1.) In your Gmail account, go to Configure inbox under Gear icon.

2.) Select the checkbox of the categories which you wish to appear in your Gmail account. If you deselect any tab, the emails of that category will appear in the Primary tab only.

3.) When you are done making changes, click on the Save button.

4.) Moreover, if you wish to move any particular email to any other tab or category, just drag and drop the email from one category to another.


1.) Launch the Gmail app on your Android device and tap on the Menu bar (three horizontal lines) on the top left side of your screen.

2.) Select Settings option and click on your account.

3.) Tap on the Inbox type option and select Default Inbox option.

4.) Next, select Inbox categories and add or remove categories as per your preference.

iPhone & iPad

1.) As you can not change inbox categories from the Gmail app for iPhone or iPad, you will need to open Gmail on your computer

2.) In your Gmail account, go to Settings option (Gear icon) and click on the Configure inbox.

3.) Select the checkbox of the categories that you want to make appear in your Gmail account. In case you hide any category, the emails from such category will appear in your primary tab.

4.) Also, if you want you can choose to show starred emails in your Primary tab.

5.) Once you are done making the changes, click on the Save button to apply changes.

6.) These changes will automatically start showing on your iPhone and iPad application.

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