How To Recover Reddit Forgotten Password?

If you ever forget the password for your Reddit account, you can easily recover it by following the step-by-by step instructions provided below. However, when following the instructions, make sure that you have the access to the email with which you registered your Reddit account.

Steps to Recover Reddit Forgotten Password

1.) On your computer, go to the link Alternatively, you can also search for “ password” on your search engine to get to the Reddit password reset page.

2.) Once the page gets opened, you will need to enter the username and email address in the prompted field. After entering the username and email address, click on the EMAIL ME button. An email will be sent by Reddit to the email address registered with your Reddit account for which you have forgotten the password.

3.) Now, you will need to sign in to the email account on which you would receive the email from Reddit. Once you have signed in to the email account, open the email from Reddit and click on the link provided in the message.

4.) As you will click on the link provided in the email, you will be directed to the next page where you will be prompted to enter your new password.

5.) Simply enter your new password in the prompted fields and click on the Submit button. The password for your Reddit account will be changed right away. You can now sign in to your account using your newly created password.

NOTE: If you are unable to access your email account or you have not registered an email account with your Reddit account, unfortunately, there is no way you can recover your Reddit account. It is suggested to always registered your Reddit account with an email address so that you can recover it in case if you forget the password for your account ever.

And, this is how you can recover your Reddit account if you ever forget the password for your account.

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