Tips to Insert a Graphic or Animation into Outlook Signature

Graphics or animated signature in your email is the golden key which will help to open up the valets of your potential customers. It is the hidden card of your sleeve which can turn the game implicitly. It can add vibe to a boring official mail. Adding the company logo to the picture is already a popular option. Along with that, an animated signature with an attractive promotional message will definitely draw the attention of the receiver.

Tips to Insert Image into Outlook Signature:

Inserting image file in Outlook signature is quite easy. You can deliver any social message through it or just add some fun factors. Please find below the steps to add graphic or image on your Outlook 2010 as well as 2016 email signature.

  1. Launch Outlook from your desktop.
  2. Now go to the Manu and then select the File.
  3. Now click on the Options which will open Outlook Options dialogue box.
  4. You have to go to the Mail tab.
  5. In the Mail tab, go to the Compose Message section and then choose the Signature.
  6. If you have a signature already then go to the next step. But if you don’t have any, type the words what you want to insert a signature in the area just below of the Signature and Stationary window.
  7. Now confirm the picture you want to add in your signature.
  8. Then click on the Insert Picture button located in the Format Toolbar. Now pick the picture from the Select Window and click OK.
  9. Please check the size of the image as any large image will take much time to upload. The recommended size of the graphic for Outlook signature is 200KB.
  10. Now click on the OK to Save the image as your signature.

For inserting graphic or animation into the Outlook 2007, please follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. First of all, you need to create a new message in Outlook 2007 using the rich HTML.
  2. Now you have to design the signature in the body of the message.
  3. Now move your cursor to the place you want to insert the picture.
  4. Then go to the Insert and then Picture to select the graphic or animation. The image should be small and in JPEG, GIF or PNG version. Avoid TIFF and BMP files as they are too big to upload a signature. If your preferred picture is more than 200KB, then you have to reduce the size with some photo editing software for the best result.
  5. Now click on the CTRL + A to choose the entire message.
  6. And then click on the CTRL + C to copy the signature.
  7. Now go to the Tools>Options>Mail Format>Signature
  8. Click on the New and then Next
  9. Now press CTRL+V to paste the signature.
  10. You can finish the process by clicking Finish and then OK.
  11. Outlook 2007 will send this signature as default in every new mail. If you want to insert the signature in reply, then select ‘Signature for replies and forwards’.
  12. Now click on the OK to close.

If you want to edit an existing signature and insert graphic and animation, then follow these below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the Tools>Options>Mail Format
  2. Click on the Signature
  3. Now Select the signature you want to edit then consecutively press CTRL + A and CTRL + C.
  4. Now hit the Esc button 3 times.
  5. Create a new signature with rich HTML
  6. Now select the body of the message.
  7. Then click CTRL+A and CTRL + V to paste the previously copied content
  8. Now follow the above-stated steps to save the edited signature.

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