How To Activate iPhone Without Sim Card?

Whether you wish to give your iPhone to a kid for use without SIM card or you don’t have a spare SIM card at the moment, if you wish to know that how to activate iPhone without a SIM card, you can follow the information provided below.

Steps to Activate iPhone without SIM Card

NOTE: Not all of the following methods will work on your iPhone, so you will need to try a couple of them to make your iPhone work without SIM card.

METHOD 1: Use Someone Else’s SIM

If you wish to use your iPhone as an iPad or iPod, you can do so by simply activating it using someone else’s SIM and then removing the SIM once it gets activated. This method is the easiest one when you don’t have a SIM card of your own.

1.) Insert the borrowed SIM to your iPhone.

2.) Follow the usual process to set up your iPhone including logging on to your Wi-Fi network.

3.) Once the iPhone gets activated, remove the SIM and give it back to the person from whom you borrowed.

4.) Now, you can use your iPhone as usual, except for making phone calls.

METHOD 2: Use iTunes

This method works in most of the situation, provided your iPhone is not locked to a particular network. Also, this method is ideal for those who have no access to a Wi-Fi network.

1.) Start by first making sure that your iTunes is up-to-date and then connect your iPhone to your computer.

2.) Connecting your iPhone to a computer may prompt a message saying that “There is no SIM card installed in the iPhone you are attempting to activate”.

NOTE: If you see this message, it indicates that your iPhone is restricted to a particular carrier. In such a case, you will need to use the SIM of a particular network to activate your phone (follow steps of the method 1).

3.) However, considering that your iPhone isn’t locked for any network, you will see a series of prompts on your iTunes guiding you through the steps to activate your iPhone.

4.) So, simply follow the on-screen prompts to complete the activation process.

5.) Once the activation process gets completed, you will be able to use your iPhone without a SIM on a Wi0Fi network just like iPod Touch or iPad.

METHOD 3: Jailbreak Your iPhone

If you are unable to activate your iPhone by following the above-mentioned method, you can jailbreak your iPhone. While jailbreaking your iPhone will allow you to activate it without using a SIM card, it will void the warranty. However, if you are trying to activate an old iPhone, this method should work for you.


Some websites and tech experts may suggest you activate your iPhone without SIM card using emergency call option. While this method may work, however, we do not recommend to call emergency unnecessarily for the sake of activating your iPhone.

So, these are the ways, you can use your iPhone without SIM card.

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