Restore Deleted or Missing Contacts in Yahoo Mail

We met in the recent tech conference and shared our email address for future communication. It was really great to get interact with like-minded people.

I saved her contact in my Yahoo account. After the conference, I came back to my town and got involved in my daily life.

This weekend, I was recalling the event and thought to get in touch with her, but what!

To my utter surprise; all my Yahoo contacts are missing.

In just few moments; I lost it.”

This is really disheartening. I want to get back my accidentally lost Yahoo account contacts.

Is there any way?

The Yahoo! Inc. introduced this brilliant email service as Yahoo! Mail. Yahoo mail is a wonderful email service which is constantly introducing new features into it. We can use Yahoo email for personal as well business communication. Yahoo email account has various sections; Contacts is one of them.

Yahoo contact can be used to store and save your Yahoo email contacts and other contacts. You can say that it is your complete contact directory. You can save and easily access your network and contacts. This also helps you to auto-fill the recipients while composing a mail.

When you find that any of your contacts or all contacts are missing in your Yahoo account, you need to immediately go to recovery. Yahoo gives you the freedom to recover your lost or deleted contacts within the past 30 days of deletion. There are two ways to recover or restore your lost or deleted contacts.

If you want to restore individual contacts, then follow these steps.

  • First, sign in to your Yahoo account and then click on the Contacts icon
  • Here you need to click on Deleted Contacts from the left column
  • Now choose the contacts you want to restore, but if you don’t see that particular contact, then skip to the Restore your entire contact list option else continue with the next step
  • After that click on Restore or Restore Contacts to bring it back to your contact list once again
  • And finally, click on Done

You have successfully restored the lost or deleted contact from your Yahoo account.

If you want to restore entire contact list, then follow these steps.

  • Sign in to your Yahoo account and click on the Contacts
  • After that click on Actions and choose option Restore from backup
  • Here you need to choose a particular date to restore your contacts using the drop-down menu
  • And finally, click on Restore button

You can restore your lost contacts if you act quickly. Yet, we always recommend taking backup of your Yahoo contacts.

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