Setup Yahoo Account Key on Web Browser, Android, and iOS?

Considering the security of your account, Yahoo is known for offering a couple of useful security features. One of these security tools is Account Key. Activating Account Key feature in your Yahoo account enhances the security of it significantly.

How Does Yahoo Account Key Works?

With Yahoo Account key, you don’t need to worry much about remembering your password, as you will be prompted with a notification on your mobile device each time you or someone else (hacker) tries to access your Yahoo account. This not only works as a convenience but minimizes the risk of hacking. To know how you can setup Account Key for your Yahoo account follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned below.

Steps to Setup Account Key for your Yahoo Account from a Web Browser

1.) Sign into your Yahoo account and mouse over to your Profile Picture located on the top right section of your Yahoo account’s page.

2.) From the drop-down menu that appears, select Account info option.

3.) Under Account info page, click on the Account security option.

4.) In the Account Security page, click on the – See how it works button.

5.) Now, choose your mobile device and application on which you want to get notified.

6.) Next, click on the option – Send me a notification. You will get a notification on the app you selected.

7.) Then on your mobile device, simply tap on Approve icon (right icon).

8.) After that, get back to your web browser and click on the option – Always use Yahoo Account Key.

9.) Confirm your mobile number on the next screen. This number should be the one which you use in case you lose access to your device.

10.) Your Yahoo Account Key is Enabled.

You can also check if the Account Key feature has been activated on your Yahoo Account by performing these steps:

  • Go to the Yahoo sign-in
  • Enter your Yahoo ID in the provided field and click on the Next
  • Yahoo will send a notification to your Account Key enabled mobile device.
  • Tap on the notification sent by Yahoo on your mobile device and tap on the Approve icon (right icon). Alternatively, you can also open the app, tap on the Account Key icon and then tap on the Approve
  • Sometimes, you might also be prompted to either enter a verification code to get access to your account.

Steps to Setup Yahoo Key from an iOS Device

1.) Launch a Yahoo app which supports Account Key feature, (for example Yahoo Mail). Tap on your Profile image and select the Account Key icon.

2.) Next, tap on the option – “Set up Account key”. This will display a Sample Account Key.

3.) Tap on the Yes option to open the confirmation screen.

4.) Then, tap on the Got it an option and select Enable Account Key.

5.) After that, tap Great, got it! option to log in with a notification from next time onwards.

Steps to Setup Yahoo Account Key from an Android Device

1.) Launch a Yahoo app (like Yahoo Mail) and tap on the Menu icon.

2.) Next, tap on the Account Key icon and select Set up Account Key option.

3.) Then, tap Yes to get to the confirmation screen.

4.) Tap Got it! and select Enable Account Key option.

5.) After that, tap on Great, got it! option to start signing in using Account Key feature.

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