How to create new Comcast email account

To Create a Comcast email account, one must be subscribed to XFINITY internet. They will have a username and password in time of subscription. You can create up to six email accounts per connection. And all the users can be managed from the My Account page of the Comcast website. To create the mail id, you need to go to the Then you must follow the steps mentioned below:

Steps to Register New Comcast Email Account

  1. First of all, sign in to the website with the primary username and password.
  2. Then go to the My Account located on the Home Page.
  3. Now you have to click on the Users and Preferences tab for the next step.
  4. You have to click on the Add a User to create a new user.
  5. Now a pop up window will appear where you have to put all the required information.
  6. Now confirm the new account by clicking on Add User.

The primary account holder may need to permit the secondary account holder to access the email.

How to Configure the Email Settings to the Comcast mail?

Due to huge spam complains Comcast revoked the port 25 for outgoing mail. If you are using Outlook Express, Outlook Mac or Mac Mail then it may affect your Comcast mail service. Please find here the step by step guidance to configure Comcast mail in your system.

  • Name of Incoming mail server:
  • Port Number of Incoming Mail Server: 993 with SSL ON (Recommended) and 143 with SSL On (if needed)
  • Name of Outgoing mail server:
  • Port Number of Outgoing Mail server: 587 SMTP (Recommended) and 465 SMTPS (if needed)
  • SSL Encryption: Checked
  • Authentication: XFINITY username and password required

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How to use Comcast mail after unsubscribing XFINITY internet?

If you are no longer XFINITY internet user, then also you can enjoy the Comcast email address but you will not be able to add a new account. You can change the email address or transfer all the emails to any other account to the Comcast mail at

How to use Comcast Email Account?

In the Menu tab of the email, you can view the options like Reply, Forward and Delete. You can move the emails from your inbox to any desired folder by the drag-and –drop choice. The full email address will be suggested by typing the first few characters. Comcast email is a spam free email service where you can not only send and receive email but also manage the voicemail, combine all the contacts and maintain your calendar.

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