How to Fix Yahoo Mail Server Reject Mail Issues

Yahoo Mail is a web-based email service launched in 1997 by Yahoo Inc. Yahoo offers free email service to individuals as well as paid to the business subscribers. Recently, there was a security breach in Yahoo and more than 1 billion accounts were compromised. Some time when you try to send an email from yahoo account it gets rejected from the server. Yahoo made some changes in their DMARC policy. You must be thinking, what the hell is DMARC? Well! It stands for Domain based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance. It is an email validation system which prevents email spoofing. When we send any email from the yahoo mail it gets verified via yahoo new DMARC and if it is DMARC check failed that email will bounce and will not reach to the recipient. Apart from DMARC issues, there are some other factors which prevent you sending or receiving email on yahoo servers. Let’s find out that what you can do to resolve yahoo mail server issue.

Unable to Send or Reply on Web Interface: If you are unable to send any email or can’t reply as well, maybe there is one or more add-on in the browser or a program in your system which is affecting Yahoo Mail “Rich Text Toolbar” as a result, you are unable to send any email and unable to reply as well. Simply switch to the basic text tool bar and try sending or reply again. Follow the steps below to switch to the plain text version of yahoo mail.

  • Sign-in to your Yahoo account.
  • Click on “Compose”
  • Click on the “Double Arrow” icon.
  • Press OK when you get warning pop-up.

Account is blocked temporarily: It might be possible that Yahoo has temporarily blocked your account and due to this you are unable to send any email. If Yahoo detects some suspicious activities the account gets blocked temporarily for 1-2 days. You can try sending email again later. To fix this, you can try the CAPTCHA word verification or try sending plain text mail to one of your friend. If problem persists, visit the Yahoo email account help center.

Problem with Mozilla Thunderbird: If you are using Mozilla Thunderbird and you are unable to send any email then you need to verify the configuration of your email client whether you have configured it correctly or not. Find the steps below :

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Delete existing account (if any), click on “Create New Account”
  • A popup will appear as “Mail Account Setup”
  • Enter the details like your name, email address, password etc.
  • Choose POP3
  • Select “Manual Configuration”
  • Outgoing server SMTP, server hostname should be, port 465, SSL and authentication should be normal.
  • Incoming POP3, incoming server should be, port 995, SSL and authentication normal.
  • Try sending the mail it shall work properly.

Problem with Microsoft Outlook: If in case, you are unable to send any email from Outlook which is configured with Yahoo mail account, might be you are using a connection through an Internet Service Provider who is blocking the SMTP port. Change the port to 587 in the outgoing server settings. To make this change follow the steps below:

  • Open Outlook and go to “Tools” then choose “Account Settings”
  • Select your Yahoo Mail plus account and choose “Properties”
  • Select “More Settings” then go to “Advance Tab”
  • In the Outgoing Server type 587
  • Click on “Apply”
  • Exit and try sending an email. It shall work.

Other Important Factors: There are some factors which may prevent you sending an email via Yahoo account. These factors are listed as below:

  • Ask the recipient to add your email address as a contact in his/her address book.
  • Never send unsolicited emails to, too many recipients as yahoo may block your account.
  • Keep updating the operating system with the latest updates.
  • Always use genuine antivirus software and keep it updated.
  • Before, attaching any attachment to yahoo mail, scan it via antivirus first.
  • Never send too many emails aggressively.
  • If you are using any proxy connection, try sending email without proxy.
  • Ask the recipient to check their spam or junk folder might be they will find the email there.

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