Suspicious Activity on your Yahoo Account

Hacking, phishing, malware and virus attack, all of these are the common for email and internet users. There is a contact threat hacking for internet users, especially for Yahoo users after the mass account hacking. Yet, Yahoo has drastically changed and improved the security features with their Yahoo! Mail account but something is there to afraid you.

The problem with Yahoo users is that it is difficult to identify that whether your account been hacked and compromised or not. You can’t identify it in one-go as we don’t aspect any such hacking attempts on our Yahoo! mail accounts. But, we can’t deny the possibilities of such activities on our own account. Yahoo has better security and safety features, but you should also be aware of any such activity with your account.

Whenever you find any uncommon and suspicious activities on your own account, then you need to take some steps and try to find the reason. Whether, it is some signs to get worried or not; here we have a quick guide for Yahoo users to identify the suspicious activities and find a solution for them.

These are the common signs to identify and suspicious activities on your Yahoo! Mail account to identify the uninvited threat.

  • When, your Yahoo account is sending a lot of emails in a short time without your concern
  • If you find that your account is sending duplicate info in from your email repeatedly
  • Spamming or sending 1 or more emails to a large number of recipients which is out of your knowledge
  • If there is some message got stuck in the Outbox of the Yahoo Mail app on a frequent basis

When you are on doubt, the best way is to make is sure; with your Yahoo! Mail account; you can get it done with the help of Recent activity page. This will give you a quick view over the activities of your account, the sign in attempts and email sending information.

If, any such information is without your concern, then you need to take some necessary action. First, you should update the password of your account; if possible use the additional layer of security for your account. You can choose from any of these Two-Step Verification or Yahoo Account Key layers of security with your account. After that, make sure that you have sign out from each device you have logged in. And, meanwhile make sure to go with the Recent activity page for tracking the account activity for better security.

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