How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Skype?

Skype is an ideal tool for communication for both personal and professional use. One can easily communicate with other users via different mediums available in Skype such as Text Messaging, Audio Call, and Video Call. Skype gives you total control over your account as with whom you want to chat and with whom you don’t want to. If you don’t wish to communicate with one of your contacts in Skype, you can simply block him/her on your Skype account. If you are facing a similar situation and have a doubt that you have been blocked by one of your contacts, you can follow the below-mention information to know whether you have been blocked or it’s just a misunderstanding.

Guide to Know If Someone Blocked You on Skype

NOTE: The following information is not a definite sign that you have been blocked; however, you can get an idea if the status with your contact has been changed.

1.) Launch Skype on your device.

  • For Android or iPhone, tap on the Skype icon in the list of applications appearing on your Android or iPhone’ screen.
  • For Windows, you will need to find the Skype program on the Windows menu.
  • For Mac, you will need to check the Dock or the Launchpad.

2.) Once your Skype application gets launched on your device, if not signed in already, sign in to your Skype account in which you wish to know if your contact has blocked you.

3.) Once you are logged into your Skype account, go to the Contacts’ list located on the left-hand side or your screen and find the particular contact from the list.

  • If there a gray color question mark or “X” to the left side on the name of the person, you have been probably blocked by the contact. Also, it could be that you have been removed by the person from his/her contact list.

4.) Alternatively, you can see more signs to know if you have been blocked or not by clicking or tapping on the user’s name.

  • If you see the profile picture of the person with a default Skype icon instead of their regular photo, you might have been blocked.
  • Similarly, if you see a message which reads that “This person has not shared their details with you” on the profile of the user, he/she have probably blocked you.

So, these are the ways that can help you know whether or not you have been blocked by someone on your Skype.

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