Trouble downloading an attachment in Yahoo: fix it

Steps to Fix Downloading Attachment Errors in Yahoo Mail

The attachments in your Yahoo Mail messages are meant to get view and download when needed. When you send or receive an attachment with your email in Yahoo inbox; it can be easily view and download if you have decent working internet connection and there is no security threat with the attachment.

If you wish to download attachment; you just need to click on it and move ahead to save on your computer. That’s all; if your internet is working okay, then you will get it downloaded after virus scan from Yahoo server.

When your internet is supportive and there is no virus with it, you will defiantly get it; but despite the internet and no virus issue, if you are facing trouble downloading then you should look for cache.

The cache of your web browser is responsible here; you need to clear the cache and fix this issue. This is a common concern when you didn’t clear the cache since a long while. It will be there are you might experience some trouble while downloading an attachment in Yahoo. In order to fix this error, you should clear the cache of your web browser.

We have these step by step guides for Firefox and Chrome web browser to clear browser’s cache easily. If you have Firefox Mozilla web browser in your computer system then follow this guide.

How to clear the cache in Firefox Web browser?

  • Start from your Firefox Mozilla web browser
  • Then, click on the menu button and select Options there
  • And now, select the Privacy & Security panel
  • Here, in the Cached Web Content section, you need to click Clear Now button
  • And then, close the about:preferences page; so any changes you have made will automatically be saved for all future action
  • That’s all; you have successfully cleared the cache

Google Chrome users need to use this guide for clearing the cache of web browser.

How to clear the cache in Chrome Web browser?

  • Start from your computer, then open Chrome web browser
  • Here, from the top right, click on More option
  • Now, click More tools and then click on Clear browsing data
  • After that, from the top, you just need to specify a time range; so, in order to delete everything, just select All time option there
  • Here, next to Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files, just check the boxes
  • Finally, click on Clear data option
  • Your cache will be deleted

If needed, ask the sender to re-send the same mail to get the attachment once again.

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