How to Reach Facebook Customer Support

Since its inception back in 2014, Facebook has been a “Favorite” social networking application among users worldwide. Facebook lets users connect with friends, family and other people you may or may not know. You can share photos and videos, send messages, conduct voice/video calls, and even promote your business through Ads and Facebook pages. The wide usability and plethora of features make Facebook a great place for both professional and personal use. While Facebook is regarded for providing uninterrupted services, however sometimes, some users face one or the other problem with their Facebook account. If you ever face any sort of problem or you have any query related to your FB account, you can seek instant assistance by contacting Facebook customer support. Below you can find the various ways to contact Facebook customer support. Before, getting to the Facebook support options, some of the common issues faced by users are as follows:

  1. Unable to connect to Facebook on an Android/iOS app
  2. Forgot password of Facebook account
  3. Disabling photo tag suggestions
  4. Reporting objectionable or abusive content
  5. Unable to block auto-playing videos

Different Ways to Contact Facebook Customer Support for Assistance

When having an issue or query about your Facebook account, the first place to find assistance is at the Facebook customer support center page. At the Facebook customer support center, you can find help for all Facebook issues using the various assistance options available. Here, you will find the following support options:

  • Facebook Help Center
  • Facebook Community
  • Support Inbox
  • Facebook Adds Help Center

Facebook Help Center

At the Facebook Help Center page, you will be able to seek support for all general issues such as changing/resetting password, locating Facebook settings, problem clearing an error message, etc. All you need to do here is go to the Search box located at the top of the page, enter your query, and press Enter key on your keyboard. You will be given a list of Help articles in the result. Select the appropriate help article from the list and follow the instructions provided in it to fix the problem with your Facebook account.

NOTE: You will get an auto-suggestion list as you will begin typing your query in the Search box. You can select the Help article from that as well if you wish to.

Facebook Community for Assistance

Another option to seek assistance from Facebook is by using the Facebook Community center. Here, you can easily find assistance for almost any sort of Facebook issues. Facebook community is a place where fellow Facebook users post queries and answers to help each other overcome the different problems faced by users. Here, you simply post your questions and find assistance from other issues. On the Facebook Community page, you can try finding an answer using the Search box. You are most likely to find an answer to your relevant problem. Also, on the page, you can find assistance using the Most Recent and Top Questions section.

Facebook Support Inbox

 Apart from the Facebook Help Center and Facebook Community page, you can also seek assistance using Support Inbox, At Support Inbox, you can get help for your query or problem from the Help Team via messages. Here, you also get the update about the things that you report and important notification related to your Facebook account.

Facebook Ads Help Center

If you are into a certain type of business and wish to promote through your Facebook account, you can visit the Facebook Ads Help Center. Here, not only you can get information about getting started with Facebook advertising, creating and delivering ads on Facebook, and essential tools to promote your business and posts but also you can find instant assistance for your Facebook ads.

So, now as you have the information about getting support from Facebook customer support, next time you face any problem with your account or need information about any of your query such as trouble accessing account, blocking someone, removing tag or reporting a post, you can easily get your problem or query resolved using appropriate option suggested above.

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