How to Delete Your Gmail Account?

There can be many reasons or may be no reasons for deleting your Gmail account. Whatever be the condition, you can easily delete your Gmail account anytime you wish to. However, when looking to delete your Gmail account, make sure to consider the parameters mentioned below.

  • Make sure to take a backup of all your important emails as once you will delete your Gmail account, you will not be able to access your emails in any condition.
  • Also, take a backup of your contacts as all the contacts will also get removed from your account.
  • Many services like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. must be associated with your Gmail account, make sure to make changes to them accordingly.
  • Make sure to also manage your any on-going subscriptions associated with your Gmail account.
  • Inform your contacts about your decision and provide them an alternate email id for future communication.

Once you are done considering the above-mentioned suggestions, you can then follow the below-given steps to delete your Gmail account.

Steps to Delete Gmail Account

1.) Sign into your Gmail account and go to your Google account settings’ page. Scroll down and select the option- “Delete your account or services” located under Account preferences section.

2.) As you will click on the “Delete your account or services” option, you will be given two options –

  • Delete products
  • Delete Google Account and data

As you just want to delete Gmail account, you will need to click on the Delete Products option. However, if you wish to remove your complete Google account, select Delete Google Account and data option.

3.) Before you delete the particular product, you will be prompted to use the password. After the input of correct password, you can access the page and make the desired changes.

4.) Clicking on the Delete products option will direct you to another page where you will be prompted to download the data before deleting your account. It is recommended to click on the Download Data link to have access to your data even after you have deleted your Gmail account.

5.) After downloading the data, you will need to click on the Trash icon located next to Gmail option. As you will click on the Trash icon, you will be prompted to provide an alternate email address to continue using your other Google services (Google Play, Docs, or Calendar) with this account. And, remember that it can’t be a Gmail address.

6.) Enter an email address (other than which you are going to delete) in the field under which reads – Enter an email address. Then, click on the Send Verification Email option located on the bottom-right corner of the prompted window.

7.) Confirm Your New Email Address and press Got It button in the lower right corner.

8.) Now, you will need to go to an email account on which you would have received the verification code from Google. Simply follow the link provided in the email. If prompted, log into your Gmail account which you are about to delete.

9.) After that, select the option which reads – Yes, I want to delete [email protected] permanently from my Google Account.

Finally, click on the Delete Gmail button.

10.) Now click on Done Button. Your Gmail account will be removed permanently from your Google account.

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