Recover Hacked or Compromised Gmail Account

Gmail comes from the family of most reliable search engine Google. While Google is known for its quality features, engaging products (especially Android OS), reliable service and security, but sometimes it also becomes a victim of cyber crimes such as hacking. A lot of Gmail users have reported about their accounts getting hacked and they are not able to access their account. Although, it would be wrong to hold Gmail liable for the hacking as the fault can be on user’s side as well like opening their Gmail on an unreliable device, sharing the password with someone, forgetting to log out from other devices etc.

If your Gmail account have also been hacked or compromised, following are the steps that you need to follow in order to regain the control of your account.

Steps to Recover Hacked or Compromised Gmail Account

Method 1: When you can Access Your Gmail Account

1.) Sign into your Gmail account and click on your profile picture to select My Account tab.

2.) Under My Account tab, go to Sign-in & Security option. Click on Password option.

3.) As your click on the Password option, you will be asked to enter your current password and then you will be allowed create your New password. Click Change Password after you have entered your new password.

4.) Now try logging in with the new password to check whether it has been changed or not.

Method 2: When you can’t Access Your Gmail Account

1.) Go to the sign in page of Gmail and enter your User ID. Click Next.

2.) On the next screen you will be prompted to enter your password, but as you are unable to access your account, click on Forgot password? option.

3.) You will be asked to enter the last password you remember. Simply enter the password you remember and click Next.

4.) On the next screen, you will need to verify that you are the owner of the account. For this you will get following options:

  • You will receive a security code on your registered phone number which you will need to enter on the subsequent screen.
  • When did you create this Google Account? (Month and Year).
  • You will receive security code on your recovery Email Address.
  • Answer security questions that you added to your account.
  • Enter an email address that you can access right away. This helps in case you use an email you’ve already added to your account. Google will send a verification code to that email which you will need to enter on the next screen and if Google verifies it positive, you will be provided with further instructions.

5.) Choose any of the options mentioned above and click Next to verify your account.

6.) Once your account is verified, you will be directed to Password Reset page. Simply create your new password and click Change Password option.

7.) On the next screen, you will be reviewed your recovery information. Click Done once your review your recovery information. Follow the further instructions and you will be able to access your Gmail account.

So, these are the two ways you can easily recover your hacked Gmail account. In addition to above, it is suggested to enable two-step verification security option to make your Gmail account more protective and secure.

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