How to Fix Yahoo Temporary Error 19?

Some issues and errors are quite common in Yahoo. One of the most common and yes frustrating issues that users face is Temporary Error Codes. These temporary error codes are usually a combination of numbers and alphabets that prevents users from accessing or operating the feature & functionalities in their account. One of the most common Temporary Error codes in Yahoo is “Temporary Error 19”.

Temporary Error 19 indicates that you have been blocked down from accessing your Yahoo account temporarily. Generally, this error gets fixed automatically, however, if the error doesn’t get cleared even after waiting for some time, you can follow the steps provided below in this guide.

Steps to Fix Yahoo Temporary Error 19

Before moving on to the solution, let us know the reasons that may make you see Temporary error 19 in your Yahoo account. Some of the most common reasons for this issue are:

  • Your web browser is not allowing cookies from Yahoo.
  • Sharing your internet network with others.
  • You are sending or receiving a lot of emails at once.
  • You are using third-party software programs or apps to access your Yahoo account.
  • There are Malware or viruses in your system that are causing trouble in setting up communication with Yahoo.
  • Yahoo is noticing a high activity through your desktop, mobile device, or IP address on some of its specific Yahoo pages.

Now as you know the reasons for Temporary error 19, try to make changes accordingly in your Yahoo account. Let us now know how to fix Temporary error 19, follow these steps:

  • Enable your web browser to allow cookies from Yahoo. This way you will be able to get access to your Yahoo account.
  • Check if accessing your account from another computer or network clears the issue. If you are able to access your account successfully this way, it indicates that the problem is with your internet connection or computer. You will need to fix the issue to clear Temporary error 19.
  • Also, make sure that your WiFi is password-protected and also ensure that no one else is having access to your internet network.

In most cases, applying the above changes will help you clear the Temporary error 19 in your Yahoo account.

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