How To Resolve Epson Printer Recovery Mode Problems?

Epson printer is known for its reliable and quality performance, however, sometimes, some sort of issues can affect the experience of the users. One of such issues is “Recovery Mode” error.  Recovery mode error mainly occurs when you try to update your Epson printer with latest updates using the Epson Driver Update and Download Navigator software. You will find your system to be suddenly stuck in Recovery Mode. The message generally appears like this –

You have attempted to update your Epson printer using the Epson Driver Update and Download Navigator software but have found that the printer is stuck in Recovery Mode.

The main cause behind this issue is some sort of interruption in the update process such as power cut, internet failure, cables removed, or installation cancelled.  If you are facing a similar issue with your Epson printer, you can follow the solution provided below.

Steps to Resolve “Epson Printer Stuck At Recover Mode” Error

1.) When you find your system to be stuck in Recovery Mode, it is suggested to wait until a pop-up appears on your computer screen like the following.

When this box pops-up on your screen, click on the highlighted link “Epson Firmware updater download site” given in the box. You will be directed to the page from where you can download Epson firmware update.

2.) After downloading the Epson firmware, run the file on your computer and follow the on-screen prompts to install the firmware.

3.) However, if the pop-up box (as mentioned above) doesn’t appear automatically on your computer screen or if you have closed it accidentally, you can access the Firmware Recovery Tool from the Epson’s official website.

4.) Visit the Epson website and search the firmware updates for your particular Epson product and download them.

5.) Once downloaded, install them on your system to update your Epson printer. Make sure to have a proper internet connection, power backup, and properly fitted cable connection when installing the updates.

And, this is how you can resolve the “Epson Printer Stuck at Recover Mode” error in your computer.

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