What Are the Zoho Mail SMTP Settings?

Zoho Mail SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) allows its users to send email through another email client through a specific server. To facilitate this service, the user will need to configure the settings in that email client with Zoho’s SMTP information. Here in this guidebook, we have listed the Zoho Mail SMTP server settings for sending mail through Zoho Mail from any email client below.

Note: It is important to configure the Zoho Mail SMTP settings correctly before you initiate email application on your computer or mobile device.  

Zoho Mail SMTP Settings:

Below you can find the SMTP configuration settings for Zoho Mail SSL and TLS security versions:

Zoho Mail – SSL

  • Outgoing Server Name: smtp.zoho.com
  • Port: 465
  • Security Type: SSL
  • Require Authentication: Yes

Zoho Mail – TLS

  • Outgoing Server Name: smtp.zoho.com
  • Port: 587
  • Security Type: TLS
  • Require Authentication: Yes

SMTP Settings for Zoho Mail Server:

  • Zoho Mail SMTP server address: smtp.zoho.com
  • Zoho Mail SMTP port: 465
  • Zoho Mail SMTP TLS/SSL required: Yes
  • Zoho Mail SMTP user name: Your Zoho Mail address ([email protected])
  • Zoho Mail SMTP password: Your Zoho Mail account password

Duplicate Copies of Sent Messages – Steps to Not Save a Copy in Sent Folder

When you send an email from other email clients that you are using, both Zoho Mail and the email application automatically save a copy of all sent emails in your sent folder. You can avoid having duplicates of sent emails simply by not saving them in your Zoho Mail folder. To avoid duplication in the sent folder, in such a case the user can choose the option “Do not save a copy in Sent folder”.

  • To begin the process, you will need to Login into your Zoho Mail account with the help of communicating details such as Zoho Mail address and Zoho Mail Password in the prompted field.
  • In the next step, the user will need to go to the Settings option, which is the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Now, navigate to Mail Accounts on the Mail tab and choose SMTP.
  • After the completion of the above-guided steps, uncheck the ‘Save Sent Mail Copy’ checkbox to not save the emails sent using the smtp.zoho.in the configuration in the Sent folder.

What are the Zoho Mail Sending Limits?

Even if you configure your Zoho Mail account in another email service, Zoho Mail sending limits still apply. There is a certain limit of sending an email for the individual as well as mass emails.

  • Individual emails have a sending limit of 300 messages daily for the premium version of Zoho Mail.
  • On the other hand, individual emails on the free edition of Zoho Mail have a limit of 50 x total confirmed and active users per day and per organization for up to four users.

Note: For accounts with more than 4 users, the per day limit for sending the email is still 200. Moreover, you can increase the limit for mass email, just by paying the additional cost for the services.

Sending Email Limit for Other Zoho Mail Version –

  • For the Zoho Standard Edition, the user can send up to 250 mass emails on a daily basis.
  • For the Zoho Professional Edition, the limit to send mass emails is ranging up to 500 emails in a day.

For the Zoho Enterprise Edition, the user can send up to 1000 mass emails daily.

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