How to Disable Google Assistant on Android Phone

When you have reached a point where smashing the phone right onto the wall is the only option because of Google Assistant, it is wise to get it disabled. For most Android device users, Google Assistant is not a blessing, but a curse. If you are one of those users who wish to disable Google Assistant on your Android device, we have found the solution. Go ahead and read till the end.

Hassle-free Way to Disable Google Assistant on Android Device

Thinking to buy an Apple phone? Keep calm and go through the solutions before your frustration makes you foolish. Here’s what every Android user must follow to turn off Google Assistant on their device –

  • Tap your home screen for a while (hold it) till Google Assistant appears on the screen.
  • Okay, next you should hit the white and blue colored drawer icon located right at the top right corner.
  • Here, you see three dots at the top right corner. You need to tap the dots.
  • Select the “Settings” option from the drop-down menu that appears on the screen.
  • Scroll down the screen until you find the option “Phone”. Tap it
  • Now, you see “Google Assistant” written over there. Slide the switch towards the left to toggle it off.
  • There you go! The Google Assistant feature is now disabled.

Are you still thinking of getting an Apple phone, i.e. iPhone? Try these steps and you will surely be successful in disabling the feature of your Android device.

It is not surprising that many users fail to understand this tech thing and continue to be harassed by the feature. For them, we have got the solution too. They need to seek experts help. Known as Google experts, the dedicated professionals are available round the clock to offer an instant solution to any type of issues.

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How to Re-Enable Google Assistant?

Simple. You need to tap the home screen and hold it for a while. It will appear on the screen. Turn it on.

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